Sword of Doom

© 1966 Toho Co., Ltd.
  • Saturday, June 2, 20:00 German Film Museum
    (Tickets only available at the German Film Museum)
  • 大菩薩峠
    Daibosatsu toge
  • Japan 1966, 35mm, 120 min, Japanese with English subtitles, released to age 16 or older
  • Director: Kihachi OKAMOTO
  • Script: Shinobu HASHIMOTO based on a novel by Kaizan NAKAZATO
  • Camera: Hiroshi MURAI
  • Cast: Toshiro MIFUNE, Tatsuya NAKADAI, Yuzo KAYAMA
  • Production: Takarazuka Motion Pictures Co.
  • World sales: Toho
  • Film copy: Japan Foundation
  • With an introduction by Chris MaGee

Set during the last days of Japanese shogunate, sword master Ryunosoke fights with a ruthless and unorthodox style. After killing his opponent in a fateful battle, he flees with the dead man’s wife to join a group of assassins. Trapped in a circle of death and violence, he slowly goes mad. Kihachi OKAMOTO’s dark samurai epic is a visually stunning depiction of meaningless violence, and a genuine classic to boot.

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