The City of Betrayal

  • Sunday, June 3, 19:45 Mousonturm Saal (with award ceremony)
  • 裏切りの街
    Uragiri no machi
  • Japan 2016, DCP, 132 min, Japanese with English subtitles
  • Director and Script: Daisuke MIURA
  • Production: Avex Broadcasting & Communications
  • Camera: Futa TAKAGI, Hidetoshi SHINOMIYA
  • World sales: Avex Digital
  • Cast: Sosuke IKEMATSU, Shinobu TERAJIMA, Eriko NAKAMURA, Motoki OCHIAI, Mitsuru HIRATA
  • German premiere in the presence of the NIPPON HONOR AWARD recipient Shinobu TERAJIMA

Yuichi seems to simply exist in a life dominated by his successful girlfriend. Out of sheer boredom, he decides to explore online dating, where he meets an older housewife named Tomoko (portrayed by this year’s NIPPON HONOR AWARD recipient Shinobu TERAJIMA) also looking to escape from her daily routine. Neither are exactly unhappy with their actual partners, but their affair still brings a bit of color back to their previously monochromatic lives. Daisuke MIURA uses this sensitive love-drama to show how there can often be more than one truth in a relationship.

Director's Bio
Daisuke MIURA, born in Hokkaido in 1975, studied at Waseda University in Tokyo. He achieved critical acclaim with his plays, some of which were adapted for television. In 2010, he directed his first movie, BOYS ON THE RUN, which was screened at several international festivals.

2010 Boys on the Run; 2014 Love’s Whirlpool (Ai no uzu); 2016 Somebody (Nanimono); 2018 Call Boy (Shonen)


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