Samurai Rebellion

© 1967 Toho Co., Ltd.
  • Friday, June 1, 19:45 German Film Museum
    (Tickets only available at the German Film Museum)
  • 上意討ちー拝領妻始末ー
    Joiuchi: Hairyo tsuma shimatsu
  • Japan 1967, 35mm, 128 min, Japanese with English subtitles
  • Director: Masaki KOBAYASHI
  • Script: Shinobu HASHIMOTO based on a novel by Yasuhiko TAKIGUCHI
  • Camera: Kazuo YAMADA
  • Cast: Toshiro MIFUNE, Go KATO, Tatsuyoshi EHARA
  • Production: Mifune Productions
  • World sales: Toho
  • Film copy: Japan Foundation
  • With an introduction by Luk van Haute

All samurai Isaburo longs for is a wife for his son, grandchildren, and his own retirement. Enduring a loveless marriage and performing menial tasks to uphold the status of his family, he is surprised when a forced marriage between his son and his lord’s former mistress engenders genuine affection. But then an order from his lord threatens the happy couple. In somber, recurring sets and with precise visual symbolism, Masaki KOBAYASHI paints a tragedy about humanity in a tyrannic system.

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