• Sunday, June 3, 20:15 Naxoshalle Kino
  • Japan 2017, Blu-ray, 123 min, Japanese with English subtitles
  • Director & script: Yusaku MATSUMOTO
  • Production: vivito
  • Camera: Kentaro KISHI, Yuki SUEMATSU
  • Music: Banvox
  • World sales: ARTicle Films
  • Cast: Kokoro SHINOZAKI, Urara ANJO, Kosuke SUZUKI, Kentaro KISHI, Yuki KITAGAWA

The Akihabara quarter of Tokyo was hit by a rampage in 2008. NOISE explores possible reasons for such violence. Beneath the dazzling facade of the city, it examines the lives of teenagers struggling with disrupted families and unfulfilled dreams. In his first feature film, Yusaku MATSUMOTO makes expressive use of the city’s atmosphere and soundscapes.

Director's Bio
Yusaku MATSUMOTO, born in 1992, studied at the Visual Arts College Osaka and won an advancement award for his graduation film ASU NAKI SORA WO SE NI in 2013. After his studies he worked for several projects within cinema, television, and advertising. MATSUMOTO’s feature film debut NOISE has been a great success and was screened at numerous international Film Festivals.

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