Flower and Sword

  • Sunday, June 3, 14:00 Mousonturm Saal
  • 花戦さ
    Hana ikusa
  • Japan 2017, DCP, 127 min, Japanese with English subtitles
  • Director: Tetsuo SHINOHARA
  • Script: Yoshiko MORISHITA based on a novel by Tadashi ONITSUKA
  • Production: FLOWER AND SWORD Partners
  • Camera: Tokusho KIKUMURA
  • Music: Joe HISAISHI
  • World sales: Toei
  • Cast: Mansai NOMURA, Ennosuke ICHIKAWA, Koichi SATO, Kiichi NAKAI, Kuranosuke SASAKI
  • German premiere
  • Competition Nippon Cinema Award

In 16th-century Kyoto, the monk Senko is appointed head of his friary. However, his whimsical nature doesn’t fit well with the position, and Senko would rather spend his time arranging flowers anyway. In the course of time, he befriends the tea master Rikyu, who suffers under the whims of lord Hideyoshi. When Hideyoshi’s vanity asks for mortal sacrifices, Senko uses his beloved flowers to make a stand.

Director's Bio
Tetsuo SHINOHARA was born in Tokyo in 1962. While working as an assistant for Yoshimitsu MORITA and Shusuke KANEKO, he won the Special Prize at Pia Film Festival in 1989 with the 8mm film RUNNING HIGH. He made his feature film debut with ONE MORE TIME, ONE MORE CHANCE in 1996.

1996 One More Time, One More Chance (Tsuki to kyabetsu); 2000 First Love (Hatsukoi); 2001 Stake Out (Harikomi / NC ’01); 2015 Terminal (Kishuten eki taminaru); 2018 Walking with My Grandma (Bachan rodo)


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